The Bells

The sounds of bells ringing generally bring thoughts of family, friends, holidays and fun.

But did you ever wonder how those bells were created?  One day we plan to share the details with you, here, on our website.

Check back in a few months for pictures and explanations detailing our creative process.  We’d love to share that with you as soon as we can find time to do so.

Meanwhile, check out some of our products described below..

Hand-Painted Doorknob Bells (Example pictured here)

These bells are both decorative and functional!  As many of our customers do, you can hang them on your doorknobs as “DECORATIVE BURGLAR ALARMS”.  When someone touches the knob, you will know that you’ve got company.

Other folks hang these HAND-PAINTED DOORKNOB BELLS and our DOOR HANDLE STRAPS on their doorknobs so that their pets can ring the bells to say, “I have to go out!” or “I’m hungry!”  We even have a customer whose pot-bellied pig rings her pig bell when she’s needing some attention!  E-mail us for a handy training guide for teaching your pet to become a bell ringer.

Some other customers have been using our bells as QUAKE WARNINGS.  Yes, the lighter, brass-plated bells and nickel-plated bells will ring at the slightest quiver; so some of our customers have purchased them as a way of being forewarned when a more serious tremor may be coming.

You may even just want some of these items because you like the way they look or because the sound of bells brings some joy into your home.  The possibilities and reasons are endless.  “BELLS FOR EVERY REASON & EVERY SEASON” is our slogan.



Check Out Our Giggle-Lings

They’re mini cow bells!  They’re ornaments!  They really ring!  They are so darned cute!!  And sadly, they are being discontinued.

Sally Moyer, our family’s “Mom” and our company’s president originally designed several dozen Giggle-Lings and wrote each of their story tags.  We had 22 of those designs produced over the past few years.  Of those 22, the following have already been RETIRED:     Holly Belle…………Santa Giggle…………Rodney Reindeer …………Elroy Elf…………Porter the Penguin…………Cora the Cat…………Muriel the Mouse…………and…Logan the Leprechaun………….If you are one of our loyal Giggle-Ling Collectors, we sincerely apologize for the fact that we can no longer have our signature cow bell ornaments produced.  Thank you for your patronage over the years.


Please browse through the site for other options.  We have Solid Brass Bells on a wide variety of straps and door hangers that will easily become family heirlooms, to be passed from one generation to the next.

We have Cow Bells to cheer on your favorite teams; and Call Bells to summon help

Enjoy browsing; and please, come back often, as we will constantly be adding more interesting and useful items for your shopping pleasure.  Thanks for visiting our site.  Hope to “see” you again soon!